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Eurostar Quietly Bans Wine Runs Between Paris and London

Rules introduced last autumn only permit one bottle of wine per person

Eurostar Paris to London bans spirits and wine in alcohol luggage policy
Not anymore, Raymond
Tristan Fewings/Getty Images for Eurostar

Wine hoarding trips to France could be no more

Eurostar has officially banned carrying spirits and/or more than one bottle of wine per person in its carriages. Rules apparently designed to assure a “safe, happy and healthy” onboard environment now stipulate that any ‘excess’ alcohol must be carried with the company’s registered luggage service, which carries a £30 charge. The rules came in last autumn, so it seems they’re not being enforced with any degree of draconian fury, and the text of the policy — “we reserve the right” — also implies that, in reality, it’s not going to present a problem. With Eurostar runs a vital tool for many of London’s wine bars wishing to hold tastings in collaboration with French near neighbours, long may they continue. [Independent]

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