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Jeremy Hunt Ate Cold Pizza to Prove He’s Just a Regular Guy

He demonstrated the slice-fold technique to a tee after slagging off Boris Johnson on Twitter

Conservative leadership candidate Jeremy Hunt ate cold pizza after dissing Boris Johnson on Twitter Jeremy Hunt/Twitter

Jeremy Hunt ate some cold pizza after dissing Boris Johnson

Tory leadership contender and NHS destroyer Jeremy Hunt concluded a Twitter Q&A session attacking Boris Johnson and outlining his vision for Brexit as Prime Minister by performatively eating some cold pizza. The apparently Neapolitan slice — with a well-speckled base — stood in stark contrast to his plush sofa, rather disrupting the ‘man of the people’ approach to scarfing some leftovers from a millionaire contender commentators feel is likely to finish second to a man whose abysmal political and personal record speaks for itself.

Hunt’s pizza joins the noble lineage of politicians eating food in Britain, including George Osborne’s Byron Burger, Ed Miliband’s bacon sandwich, and Theresa May’s cone of chips. None of them, though, can compete with former secretary of defence Gavin Williamson, whose culinary journey following his sacking by May over the Huawei scandal was nothing short of art. With little under a month to go in the Tory leadership race, expect more photos of two privileged men eating food in a staged environment to come. [Twitter]

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