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Jeremy Hunt Accidentally Joins the Resistance With a Strawberry Milkshake

He drinks milkshake for the camera. He drinks it all up

Jeremy Hunt’s Tory leadership campaign continues with the NHS man drinking milkshake, protest beverage of 2019 Press Association

There will be slurps

Jeremy Hunt continues to eat food on camera in a mission to turn himself from NHS-crippling millionaire to regular old Prime Minister. It began with cold pizza, and it continues with milkshake, the political protest drink of 2019, already slung in the direction of raving Brexit architect Nigel Farage, anti-Islam ‘Tommy Robinson,’ and rape apologist Carl Benjamin.

Hunt enjoyed the milkshake in Chelmsford, before tanking an interview with Jeremy Vine over a comment on Hunt being “the richest man in Cabinet,” taking umbrage with the idea that a concise summation of his wealth relative to his peers would be a more useful conduit to the public than a general praising of Hunt’s business smarts.

Hunt and his fellow leadership contender Boris Johnson are yet to be doused in sweet, creamy humiliation, and it’s pushing it to suggest that he is in any way beating a would-be protestor to the punch in this political race to the bottom. It’s also unlikely that the next Tory leadership debate will take place in a deserted bowling alley, but one thing is clear: Hunt drinks the milkshake. He drinks it all up. [Twitter]

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