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Gordon Ramsay’s Got the Bills He Needs to Open 100 New Restaurants in America

Lion Capital’s $100 million investment in the shouty chef has been a year in the making

Gordon Ramsay depicted holding two huge burgers, with a fire background and artificial blue eyes Babbletop/Youtube

Gordon Ramsay’s going to open a shit ton of restaurants

Gordon Ramsay’s long-running new restaurant plan for America has got the funding it needs from private equity firm Lion Capital. A new deal stipulates an investment of $100 million over five years, with plans to open 100 (one hundred) restaurants by 2024. Ramsay also took the opportunity to puff the announcement with some even bigger numbers — he has sold more than 250,000 beef wellingtons at Paris Las Vegas since 2012. What that has to do with opening 100 restaurants is unclear.

The shouty chef trademarked Great Burgers last year, which gives a clue to his plans for the U.S. — with his new London restaurant Lucky Cat open after climbing down from its “authentic Asian eating house” billing, Ramsay can turn his attentions to expanding his American empire. With the help of Lion’s investment, you could say: it’s roar! [Forbes]

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