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Donald Trump Served Prince Charles Tomatoes, Burrata, and Beef

A game-changing Michelin-starred restaurant closes in west London, and more food news today

Donald Trump’s UK state visit continued at dinner with Prince Charles
“I said well done, not rare!”
Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

Donald Trump is on the burrata bandwagon

Donald Trump’s U.K. state visit has been a tour de force of gourmet state dinners, royal family politic, and, obviously steak. A state banquet with the Queen; a lunch with Theresa May cooked by a British celebrity chef; Trump had been a guest. Last night, though, was the reciprocation: the opportunity for the president of the United States to prove his credentials of taste, decorum, and service to the world at a dinner with Prince Charles, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, and various other dignitaries.

And so, a menu written in nauseatingly filigree cursive, a menu of fresh burrata, heritage tomatoes, basil, and Maldon sea salt; grilled beef, natch, as a main, and a dessert of fruit, ice cream, and a muscovado tuile. The takeaways? British state occasions remain bizarrely wedded to French food; burrata’s implacable rise has reached the highest echelons of diplomacy; Donald Trump can’t get seasonal produce for even his most important dinners; Donald Trump really can’t go very long without sinking his teeth into some once-bloody flesh.

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