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Of Course Donald Trump’s U.K. Visit Prompted a Milkshaking

Italian chain Bella Italia made a portrait of Leonardo da Vinci out of pasta and ham, and more food news today

Donald Trump’s U.K. visit led to milkshaking, the new political protest used on Nigel Farage and Tommy Robinson Clodagh Kilcoyne/Reuters

Donald Trump was always going to cause some milkshaking

Donald Trump’s U.K. state visit: banquet with the Queen and royal family; lunch with Theresa May from celebrity chef Jason Atherton; burrata and beef for Prince Charles. Not on the menu: milkshake, the sweet, creamy protest drink of 2019, weaponised against far-right figures Tommy Robinson — twice — Carl Benjamin — thrice — and then Nigel Farage — sadly, once. Milkshaking landed in America this week, and a milkshake landed in London this week, too — on a supporter of Donald Trump during protests against the president’s visit in London. The man in question — gamely, foolishly — caught the beverage and threw it back; it was not one of London’s best milk-based drinks, but a McDonald’s shake. It marks a moment in the evolution of the milkshake as a tool of political protest: no longer a direct projectile against individual politicians, but a symbol of a broader movement. No news on the flavour as yet.

And in other food news...

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