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London’s Fanciest Fruit and Vegetable Supplier Announces Debut Cafe

Natoora’s new Notting Hill shop will have a “radically seasonal” counter attached

Natoora’s new produce store in Fulham, London, dubbed “the Aesop of vegetables” by Wallpaper Magazine Natoora

Natoora, one of London’s most established and acclaimed produce suppliers, will launch a debut cafe at its new store on Portobello Road in Notting Hill. The brand, which supplies premium, “radically” seasonal fruit and vegetables to many of London’s best restaurants — and also Waitrose supermarket — has previously only been able to offer grab-and-go food from its three London stores in Sloane Square, Turnham Green, and Fulham.

The new cafe, referred to as Natoora Counter, is described as “a new café concept with a radically seasonal and totally traceable menu. Everything will be made from scratch, using ingredients sourced straight from people we know through our own supply chain.” As might be expected, menu details will change daily, with coffee coming from established roaster Allpress. Like many of London’s best coffee shops, Estate Dairy milk will be in support.

Notable for the introduction of winter tomatoes into — an admittedly rarified area of — London restaurant parlance, the early adoption of Cornish produce into the high-end market, and the moniker, ‘the Aesop of vegetables,’ it’s interesting to see a supplier turn its hand to serving food. More soon on dishes to expect — the shop at 5 Elgin Crescent, W11 2JA opens 17 June.