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Iconic American Sandwich Gets the Pret a Manger Treatment

It’s a lobster roll, but as very few American stans would know it

Pret a Manger launches lobster roll summer sandwich on high street sandwich chain menus Pret A Manger [Official Photo]

High street sandwich giant looks to Maine, USA for inspiration

Pret A Manger has launched its smartest sandwich yet with the introduction of a ‘lobster roll’ at £5.99. It’s served on a baguette, which lobster roll devotees would consider to be sacrilege — the Maine roll is classically served on a New England-style hot dog bun — but fits more neatly with Pret’s baguette-or-flatbread-or-wrap sandwich mojo. It also contains red pepper and cucumber, which lobster roll devotees would consider to be sacrilege.

The crustacean’s abundance in Maine — up to 75 million pounds hauled in each year — and the changing pricing according to the amount of meat on the roll, warm weather, and how horny the lobsters are because of that warm weather, makes the lobster roll an ubiquitous cultural phenomenon as much as a luxury lunchtime sandwich. It’s unlikely to have that resonance as Londoners schlep down from the office block in search of sustenance; but at least McDonald’s aren’t bringing theirs across the pond.

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