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Avocado Toast Conquers the British Army’s Breakfast Menu

Army chiefs are adding the brunch staple to breakfasts to assuage nutritional concerns

British Army adds avocado toast to English breakfast menu Shutterstock

Military-grade breakfast now includes scourge of homebuyers

The British Army is adding avocado on toast to its breakfast options in a bid to catch up with dominant brunch trends add range to a breakfast offering that is decidedly rooted in greasy spoon tradition. The official military line is that it’s because too many soldiers are overweight or obese according to BMI measurements — which are not necessarily useful indicators of body composition and, anyway, does this matter — but one high-ranking official has described the situation as a “national security threat.”

And lo, avocado toast is now a solution to national security crises, as well as millennial financial security and home ownership. Bearing in mind that complaints about a recent advertising campaign to increase diversity in recruitment centred on the adverts being “too politically correct,” expect this flagrant concession to snowflake millennials to go down super-well with Britain’s military super fans! [Business Insider]

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