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McDonald’s Is Turning Chicken Nuggets Into a Ba Da Ba Ba Bah, Experience

McNugget installations are coming to a music festival near you

McDonald’s turns chicken nuggets into a festival experience for Generation Z Campaign Live

Don’t eat the nugget, be the nugget

McDonald’s is taking its chicken nuggets — sorry, McNuggets — to U.K. music festivals this summer in a bid to attract Gen Z eaters with the lure of ~life-changing experiences~ and fried snacks. A new video released with Campaign Live details the #McNuggetsTour, in which participants pick up cushion sized nuggets and dip them into sauce tubs mounted in the ceiling, and have their faces turned into nuggets in augmented reality. It joins KFC’s mindfulness campaign and Burger King’s deeply weird commercialisation of depression as fast food brands look to tap what they believe typifies Gen Z culture; this campaign, at least, gets you a free box of nuggets at the end of the tour. [Campaign Live]

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