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Multivitamin Company Seeks Beige Food Guinea Pigs in Need of £5,000

Feel only wants those who “already eat a poor diet” to test its product

French fries in a tray, part of the beige food diet multivitamin company Feel wants testers to eat for £5,000 Philippe Huguen/AFP/Getty Images

Eat a multivitamin you unhealthy bastards, says multivitamin company

A multivitamin company has gone peak wellness capitalism by seeking product testers with a £5,000 offer, on the proviso that they already eat what the company calls “a poor diet.” Money and shame for all. Feel says that a diet of “white bread, chicken, eggs, pasta and rice” is the optimal sub-optimal diet it seeks, because after all, “there are all sorts of weird and wonderful jobs out there, but could you ever imagine getting paid just to eat?”

The real doozy comes in the kicker, not from a latent acknowledgment that eating a ‘poor’ diet places moral judgment on the individual and not systemic problems that are often inescapable; not from a sudden about turn away from the lazy demonisation of carbohydrates; but from this astonishing disclaimer:

“We do not endorse or want to encourage replacing a healthy diet with vitamin supplements, which is why only people who already eat a poor diet will be considered for the role.” No vegetables under capitalism! [Metro]

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