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Gordon Ramsay Ditched His New London Restaurant to Grill Butter Burgers on YouTube

As Lucky Cat opens, Ramsay celebrates 10 million YouTube subscribers with an awkward video

Gordon Ramsay’s London restaurant Lucky Cat is open but the chef is making burgers on his YouTube Studio Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay took time out of Lucky Cat to film a deeply awkward burger video

Gordon Ramsay’s Lucky Cat is now open in London, having dropped its “authentic” and “vibrant” tags, having kept its ‘Asian eating house’ tagline, and having replaced Maze, his once iconic Mayfair flagship. He’s just signed a $100 million dollar deal to open 100 new restaurants; his ex-partner Jason Atherton is opening a restaurant opposite; it’s a big moment for Ramsay. And he is celebrating by ... Grilling burgers filled with frozen butter to celebrate having 10 million YouTube subscribers.

His first question is: “Why [pause] why have we got to 10 million?” He is “blessed.” And he would like to “take this moment to apologise for ... Absolutely nothing.” All power to you, Gordon. Reflecting on his success in Las Vegas (specifically?) with Gordon Ramsay BurGR, he’s concocted a new burger recipe! And they’re filled with butter!

Ramsay’s preference is for a nice “thin patty (pronounced pâté) and a “wide girth”; he fries an egg inside a mushroom; literally everything is on “a different level,” especially the unwieldy burger that does, in fairness, look pretty good. In a bizarre last-minute collab move, Ramsay passes it through the screen to Sean Evans, host of Hot Ones, the hit YouTube series on which celebrities including Ramsay lose their minds to chilli. Evans coughs; the video ends with Ramsay throwing a bottle of hot sauce into his pool with, perhaps, the worst cutaway in food video history. At least he can get back to Lucky Cat now. [Youtube]

And in other news...

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