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Butter Brand Taps Into Outgoing Prime Minister Theresa May’s Naughtiest Moment

Country Life depicts the ex-Prime Minister returning to her fields of wheat

New Prime Minister will follow Theresa May, who famously ran through fields of wheat Country Life

Is Theresa May going to head for the fields of wheat?

Butter brand Country Life once used a former anarcho-punk musician to sell churned milk. Now, it’s using an ex-Prime Minister, as a new advert depicts Theresa May running through fields of wheat, in a reference to what she chose as the naughtiest thing she ever did in a 2017 interview. Other candidates might have included flip flopping on Brexit and introducing the hostile enviroment, but, no, wheat.

As the U.K. prepares to face the reality of her successor, who will either be a staged pizza eater or a committed smoked fish brandisher, but will definitely be a Tory with a reprehensible record, Country Life claims the advert is designed to “position the countryside as a playground where the brand’s core audience, those over the age of 55, can let their hair down,” which chimes disturbingly with the pastoral-leaning nostalgia employed by Boris Johnson himself and the likes of the Brexit Party as a purported benefit of Brexit. Go, run amok into fields of wheat, as your immigration policies continue to ruin lives! Truly, can’t believe this campaign is not better. [Inews]

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