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U.K. Food Industry Reminds Boris Johnson That No-Deal Brexit Will Do ‘Mortal Damage’

Both The Food and Drink Federation and U.K. Hospitality have reminded the new Prime Minister of the risks of Brexit

Boris Johnson is new U.K. Prime Minister and Conservative Leader, and he wants a no-deal Brexit Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

Two U.K. food industry bodies want Boris Johnson to listen

Boris Johnson is U.K. Prime Minister. Boris Johnson is chill with a no-deal Brexit. Two food industry bodies aren’t impressed. The Food and Drink Federation has reminded the new PM that no-deal could do “mortal damage” to the food and drink manufacturing sector, reiterating warnings about price rises, food shortages, and significant disruption for consumers, even those that voted for Brexit (!)

U.K. Hospitality, meanwhile, has urged Johnson to reach a “sensible Brexit outcome,” having previously described no-deal as a “catastrophe” for the hospitality world, echoing leading London restaurateurs Monika Linton and Jeremy King, who spoke on an Eater London panel in December 2018. It has also reiterated a need to reduce business rates, the review of which in 2017 significantly increased costs for restaurateurs. [Just Food]

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