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The U.K.’s Favourite Ice Lolly Isn’t Even an Ice Lolly

YouGov’s frozen taxonomy is deeply flawed in many, very serious ways

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Magnum ice cream is not an ice lolly, whatever YouGov polls say
A Magnum, in the sun: not an ice lolly
Wikipedia Commons

Magnums are not ice lollies, and that’s the truth

This trivial heatwave / instantiation of climate change slowly destroying the earth has inspired many coping strategies: cold soup; summertime restaurants; applying to open a follow-up to London’s most-queued-for pasta restaurant. Pollsters YouGov have another strategy: revisit a 2018 poll about the nation’s favourite ice lollies that at best features precisely one ice lolly, the Fab, alongside Solero, Twister, and Feast. The “favourite ice lolly” was ... The Magnum. Here are all the the ways this is wrong.

A Magnum is not an ice lolly and lumping all the Magnums into one MegaMagnum is heresy. A Feast is not an ice lolly. A Solero has a layer of sorbet-ish coating, but is not an ice lolly. A Twister has an ice lolly centre, but is not an ice lolly. These things are all on sticks, so they are lollies, but they are not ice lollies. The poll is a lie.

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