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London Goes Wild for Metre Long Pizzas

Circolo Popolare, the follow-up to Shoreditch’s Gloria, is certainly popular

Circolo Popolare restaurant in London by Big Mamma Group is the city’s most extra Italian restaurant Big Mamma Group [Official Photo]

Welcome back to Insta Stories, a column examining the London restaurant scene through the often-problematic medium of Instagram. This week’s filter is a pretty decent pun, actually.

News of the week

In the same way that Nicholas Cage’s performance in Vampire’s Kiss can be described as “extremely acting,” Circolo Populare — Big Mamma Group’s Fitzrovia sequel to Shoreditch darling Gloria — could arguably be designated London’s first Very Restaurant. This week’s launch party brought all the expected nudge-nudge wink-wink signifiers on a predictably extra scale, single-entendre giant sausage included. It is big, it is not clever; just like its east London sibling, expect it to be chock-full from here to eternity.

Coping strategies of the week

For what felt like the first time since about February, the sun finally shone this weekend – bathing the country in warmth and immediately occasioning complaints that it was in fact too hot. Cue the emergency warm weather protocol in the capital’s kitchens!

Suspicious package of the week

After the great BBC-Uber Eats sting, punters are starting to realise they should probably be a little more vigilant about the sort of vendor they blindly contract to cook their food. That said, this seems pretty legit, though, right?

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Glastonbury, 2019 (is this for real?)

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Merch of the week

Quality top.

Portrait of the week

Name a more iconic duo... They’ll wait.

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Lord Fergus of Clerkenwell

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Dessert showdown of the week

The last time three siblings shared such a fierce rivalry it was called King Lear.

Dish (of the summer) of the week

The race to crown the ‘song of the summer’ is practically a year-round industry these days, with thirsty content providers looking to anoint practically any fun new bop a definitive contender. But what about something far more pressing: the best thing to eat and then Instagram this sunny season? Last year, the Katsu Sando was demonstrating ‘Old Town Road’ levels of dominance before the solstice had even passed; this time round, there might be a bit more competition. Will the Tata Eatery team go two-for-two with their anchovy toasts? Could the low-fuss, high-comfort fare at Darby’s spring a surprise? Or will it be the current bookies’ favourite, the instantly iconic hand-rolled macaroni cacio e pepe with crispy chicken wings at the new Wild Honey? Bring on the thinkpieces!

Shot of the week

There’s probably a longer piece to be written on the rehabilitation of the Paris-Brest into one of the modern pastrywork’s most beloved staples. For now, though, note the whimsical pink filling, and prepare to see a matcha version in Starbucks in around 18 months’ time.