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Inbound Cult LA Restaurant Picks a Very Good Egg

Eggslut will use Clarence Court eggs at its Notting Hill restaurant

The Fairfax scrambled egg bun at Eggslut restaurant, now open in Notting Hill
Eggslut’s egg salad. The LA restaurant has announced it will use Clarence Court eggs in London
Eggslut [Official Photo]

Eggslut, the cult LA egg restaurant, which will open in Notting Hill on 7 August this year, has confirmed that it knows a good egg when it sees one.

The brand, founded by Filipino-American chef Alvin Cailan in 2011, has announced it will work with Clarence Court, the supplier known for its rich-yolked Burford Browns and Cotswold Legbars.

The company, between chatting about their belief that food shouldn’t travel great distances (“From farmyard, roastery and bakery the combined journey time of these suppliers delivering to the restaurant in Notting Hill is under six hours in total”), has also found a decent bread supplier in London. Eggslut will work with Bread Ahead. It has also confirmed that coffee will be supplied by Nude espresso.

Whitney White Myrus, Managing Partner at Eggslut said the company was “thrilled” to be working with all three. “Each of these suppliers deliver premium goods and already have a dedicated following of foodies in London who love eggs on the regs.”

White Myrus then segued into an unconventional sales pitch: “If you know anything about #FOMO, you know that #FOMOTION (your FOMO emotions) will get the better of you. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be the first in the country to try eggslut when we open on 7 August.”

Eggslut wants to create hype in London’s Notting Hill
Eggslut [Official Photo]

Adrian Gott, CEO at Clarence Court added, “To be the eggs behind eggslut, as they embark on their first UK venture, is incredibly exciting. We are thrilled to be supplying eggs to yet another innovative and creative eatery in London.

“Eggslut is the pioneer of making eggs appetising all day — something we truly believe in...Eggslut enables us to reach customers that wouldn’t normally see Clarence Court eggs and we’re thrilled that an international audience is being exposed to our fabulous eggs through the vibrant London restaurant scene.

“Eggslut are trend setters, modern, innovative and I personally cannot wait to try it! August couldn’t come sooner.”

Bread Ahead

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