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Lil Nas X Makes Panini With Some Medieval Weaponry and Gordon Ramsay

The rapper and shouty chef teamed up via Twitter

Lil Nas X song Panini inspired Gordon Ramsay and the country rapper to make panini in London Lil Nas X/Twitter

Gordon Ramsay and Lil Nas X need axes to make their panini

Gordon Ramsay is really into making food on the internet right now. After slapping butter burgers on his gas grill in honour of his YouTube subscribers, he fulfilled breakout rap star Lil Nas X’s request to make panini with him in London in honour of his latest hit. So far, so celebrities palling up on social media.

While Gordon’s offering is on the edge of cremation, the most striking thing about the collab is the Game of Thrones-level weaponry on display: an axe, a sword, and Gordon Ramsay. Were the panini made with these implements? Where does Gordon keep them at night? Is the photo in fact a thinly veiled warning for critics of Lucky Cat? Lil Nas X has confirmed that he made his sandwich with the axe, and given the size differential in the weapons it’s likely Ramsay was simply looking to one-up his new internet friend. [Twitter]

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