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Endorsing Wannabe-PM Boris Johnson Will Not Help You Sell More Sausages

Porkies around his neck, on his buses, and in his columns

Boris Johnson’s Heck sausages have not done the sausage company any favours EPA

Boris Johnson’s sausages are definitely not bangers

Prime Ministerial hopeful Boris Johnson’s The Thick of It-worthy photo opp with Yorkshire sausage company Heck has backfired on both Johnson and the company. Observer restaurant critic Jay Rayner revisited a piece on Brexit’s impact on the U.K. food industry in 2017 in which Heck founder Debbie Keeble called Brexit “cataclysmic,” and reflected on how ending freedom of movement would be ruinous for the industry’s workforce. Johnson, of course, is chill with a no deal Brexit.

Just like any Brexit-adjacent food debate that has wormed its way on to Twitter, a miniature culture war has ensued, with those criticising Heck being referred to variously as “snowflakes,” “lentil-munching lefty vegans,” and other rhetorical whizzbangers. Heck later released a statement in which it says it does not endorse any particular candidate for Tory leader — and thereby Prime Minister — but creating the ‘Boris Banger’ suggests otherwise. [Twitter]

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