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Jamie Oliver’s U.K. Restaurant Empire Has Been Sold Off in Full

All of the chef’s Jamie’s Italian, Barbecoa, and Fifteen restaurants have new owners

Jamie’s Italian, Fifteen, and Barbecoa have all been sold off by administrators KPMG CTR Photos | Shutterstock

Jamie Oliver’s restaurant group, which comprised Jamie’s Italian, Barbecoa, and Fifteen London, has now been sold off in its entirety. According to The Caterer, Administrator KPMG brought in Christie & Co, the property adviser, to handle the sale of 20 remaining restaurants across the U.K., seven of which were in London.

London restaurant magnate Richard Caring has bought the Barbecoa site in St. Paul’s, with plans apparently afoot to open Ivy Asia, the Manchester restaurant that taps into that all-too familiar market: expensive raw fish, grilled protein, citrus, cocktails, dodgy nomenclature, and glitz. Caring has also purchased former Jamie’s Italian spaces in Cardiff and Oxford respectively. London favourite Dishoom will expand into the former Covent Garden site as planned. Oliver relinquished ownership of all his restaurants in July, as SSP took over his three Gatwick Airport outposts, which survived the collapse of Jamie’s Italian Limited.

Oliver recently claimed that had he opened “posh restaurants,” he’d still have a restaurant empire, as well as maintaining his certainty that Jamie’s Italian, Barbecoa, and Fifteen amounted to an “extraordinary” portfolio. More soon.