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Yo! Sushi Says No! Sushi With Total Restaurant Rebrand

The home of the sushi conveyor belt is pivoting hard

A Yo! Sushi conveyor belt, with seared tuna and fried prawn, as the Japanese restaurant ditches sushi as it appoints Pablo agency to rebrand restaurant chain Yo! Sushi/Gettme

First they came for the conveyor belt

Yo! Sushi has slowly been excising itself from sushi for several years. First it ditched sushi from its logo. Then it ditched its signature orange conveyor belt and started writing its name like this: Yo! Sushi, like an awkward stage whisper. Now, it has appointed creative agency Pablo to totally overhaul its brand, with one key mission: make customers forget that Yo! Sushi was ever known for sushi in the first place.

This might sound drastic. But, consider this: Jamie’s Italian, Carluccio’s, Prezzo, and Gourmet Burger Kitchen have all collapsed or seriously struggled precisely because they failed to evolve or innovate. Struggling burger chain Byron Burger has recently announced a total restaurant rebrand — led by an interesting logo — after piecemeal initiatives like mushroom-beef burgers failed. Overhauling an entire brand might seem risky, potentially severing consumer trust and leaving regular diners confused, but when the number of diners coming in simply isn’t enough to make the numbers add up, total evolution — in step with dining trends — is, perhaps, the only way forward. [The Drum]

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