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Jamie Oliver and Marco Pierre White Are Trading Schoolboy Insults Like It’s 1999

Two celebrity chefs of their time are having a slanging match over Brexit and Jamie’s Italian

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Jamie Oliver and Marco Pierre White fight over their chain restaurants, Jamie’s Italian and Black and White Hospitality Jamie Oliver: Getty Images; Marco Pierre White: Getty Images; Composite: Eater London

Jamie’s Italian versus Mr White’s: who will win?

Celebrity chefs Jamie Oliver and Marco Pierre White are mad, extremely mad, mad at each other, so mad. Pierre White — formerly the youngest ever chef to hold three Michelin stars, now commanding a strange blend of respect and pity — has branded Oliver’s reasoning for the collapse of Jamie’s Italian, Fifteen, and Barbecoa as “delusional,” while claiming he repeatedly suffered through “horrific” experiences at Oliver’s Gatwick restaurant. Oliver retaliated on his new documentary, 20 Years of the Naked Chef: Jamie Bares All, saying:

I know he thinks that I’m a w****r and the feeling is fairly mutual.

This is just the latest in a long-running extremely tragic feud between the two chefs. White has called Oliver “a fat chef with a drum kit.” Oliver has called White “a psychological bully.” White attacked Oliver’s campaign against turkey twizzlers because he was shilling for Bernard Matthews. Oliver has flipped between Sainsbury’s and Tesco, but White has made some extremely psychologically troubling videos for Knorr. Jamie’s Italian collapsed, but all of White’s franchises are also recognised as bad. It’s only a matter of time before this escalates to Twitter, Oliver tells White to stop emailing his wife, and internet savant Dril gets involved. Before that, the pair could really work on their insults. [Daily Mail]

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