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New Cantonese Roast Meat Specialist Opens in the City Next Week

Three Uncles will serve meticulously researched top-tier roast pork and duck, lo mein noodles, and dim sum

Three Uncles’ roast pork belly, with Chinese greens and rice — available on Devonshire Row, near Liverpool Street next week
Three Uncles’ roast pork belly, with Chinese greens and rice
Three Uncles [Official Photo]

A new Cantonese roast meat and dim sum restaurant will open near Liverpool Street station in the City next week. Three Uncles, which will open on Devonshire Row, is the debut restaurant from the friends, Cheong Yew, Put Sing Tsang, and Mo Kwok — known as uncles Lim, Sidney, and Mo, respectively.

The trio’s first London restaurant had been expected to launch on Holloway Road in Islington, but was scuppered due to licensing complications with Islington council last month. The sizeable, 300 square-foot site will open on Monday 26 August, next week. The focus will be on siu mei — Cantonese-style roasted crispy pork belly (siu yuk), barbecued pork collar (char siu), and roast duck with shatteringly crisp, lacquered skin.

The trio says the restaurant is inspired by their almost daily habit of spending hours at siu mei spots whilst growing up together in Hong Kong in the 1970s; the London restaurant has been in the works for the past 12 months. The aim, they say, is “to serve traditional, chopped-to-order siu mei designed for London consumers.”

Three Uncles from the outside on Devonshire Row near Liverpool Street in the City of London
Three Uncles from the outside on Devonshire Row
Jennifer Cauli

“Siu Mei brings back treasured memories for us; growing up in Hong Kong in the 70s we would visit the famous roast meat cafes near Wan Chai market and watch the skilled chefs chopping delicious chunks of roast duck and char siu pork,” Kwok said.

“Siu Mei remains one of the most popular types of food for everyday Hong Kongers but in London you can only really find it in restaurants in Chinatown so we look forward to bringing this food out to the streets to make it available to all as you would find across the Far East.”

The recipe combines the classic, 48-hour, six-step technique (marinate on the inside, rub on the outside, fan-dry, roast, rest, and serve).

“We’ve had techniques shared with us that have been passed down by Hong Kong Shifù (roasting masters, 師傅 with 20 years’ experience)” Sing Tsang added. “The roast meats are the star of the show but the flavourful sauces, chillies as well as the cooking of the rice that accompanies the siu mei are just as important to the Cantonese.”

Three Uncles menu, split into roast meats, dim sum, and noodles
The Three Uncles menu
Three Uncles [Official Photo]

All meat has been sourced from Ireland’s Silverhill Farm, “selected for combining the best flavour, fat content and tender meat.” The marinade for roast duck comprises 17 elements; siu yuk 14; and the char sui 12.

The menu will also offer Hainan chicken rice, lo mein noodles, a selection of dim sum, and fresh juices such as pineapple flavoured with cinnamon and star anise.

Three Uncles

12 Devonshire Row, , England EC2M 4RH 020 7375 3573 Visit Website