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Famously Emotional Chef Marco Pierre White Says Women Are Too Emotional in Kitchens

Marco Pierre White once held three Michelin stars — now he holds terrible opinions

Marco Pierre White claims women are too emotional in kitchens Photo by Clodagh Kilcoyne/Getty Images

Why, Marco, why?

Once world-class chef and holder of three Michelin stars Marco Pierre White has taken a well-earned break from losing control of his anger, emotions, and ego in kitchens to opine that men are better at controlling their anger and emotions — but not their ego — in kitchens than women. Speaking to the Irish Independent, White said that “they [that is, women] are very consistent with their presentation [whereas] a man will try and change it because of his ego.” Potential translation: I, as head chef, think I can control women more easily than men. White goes on to say:

The real positive with men is that men can absorb pressure better, that’s the main difference, because they are not as emotional and they don’t take things personally.

There is an element of shock value here — the interview is promoting his new TV series — but for a chef (once) respected around the world to set attitudes back is incredibly disappointing. For now, please consider the following selection of videos of Marco Pierre White demonstrating the principle that men are “not as emotional” and “don’t take things personally.” [Irish Independent]

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