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Man Invents Sandwich Suitcase to Prevent the Evil That Is Office Lunch Theft

Tamoy Carter’s Combisac means your bastard colleagues will no longer steal your lunch

A photograph of the Combisac sandwich bag, with a lock to prevent workplace lunch theft Combisac/Kickstarter

Passive aggressive office fridge notes solved by canny inventor

Behold, the solution to CCTV lunch monitoring, Reddit threads, more Reddit threads, legally actionable Reddit threads, and a question of co-working politics for the ages has arrived. It’s lunch theft, the great workplace meme of brown paper bags, sharpie skull-and-cross-bones, and tessellating post-it notes slapped on the fridge in anger; the phenomenon that somehow seems epidemic when it most likely is not.

The solution? A big red sandwich suitcase with a lock on it. The Combisac, (COMBiSAC) is here, invented by Tamoy Carter, and soon to arrive on crowdfunding platform Kickstarter in search of backers. Heavily branded and very red — other colours are available — the bag itself would surely deter predators as a plant might in nature, before the zips, locked in the same way as a standard suitcase, even come into play. This lunch eater isn’t here to play. Owning the Combisac, much like painting furious messages about emails on garage doors, reflecting on the youthful naiveté of friends belittling attraction to a certain type of person, and filming a reaction to the dread of your life partner tumbling down a very small rocky incline, would possess a certain energy, a latent fury, a persona. Lunch guys: your moment is now. [Metro]

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