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Does the Queen of England Really Eat Fray Bentos Pies at 30,000 Feet?

A new documentary claims that Elizabeth II was partial to a pie at altitude

Queen Elizabeth II, wearing purple at an event in Scotland, with a Fray Bentos pie photoshopped in to illustrate her love of the pie on planes Queen: Getty Images; Pie: Fray Bentos [Official Photo]; Composite: Eater London

Her Royal Highness allegedly chose £2.50 pies above anything else

Not too long ago, someone tried to deliver a Domino’s pizza to Buckingham Palace as a hoax. Royal chefs love to divulge Queen Elizabeth II’s food preferences. And now, the world is party to a very particular preference: a Fray Bentos pie, eaten at 30,000 feet if asking from the perspective of an aviation cliché and 35,000 feet if asking from the perspective of someone who actually knows anything about planes.

The revelation — if it is to be dubbed as such — comes from former pilot Graham Laurie, who told the Mirror that the pies were a “change from all that fancy food.” Is the world convinced? Not entirely, and there’s no judgment either way; Fray Bentos has recently surged back into the imagination thanks to the work of satirist Cold War Steve, who frequently depicts prime minister Boris Johnson scoffing a Fray Bentos as Michael Gove, Donald Trump, Eastenders’s Steve McFadden, and, yes, Queen Elizabeth II look on. Did Johnson bring a pie to the prorogation? Perhaps, and there’s an opportunity here for a new tableau: the Queen enjoying her Fray Bentos, Boris Johnson pouring champagne in the aisles, and Dominic Cummings flying the plane straight into Nigel Farage’s offshore lair. [Mirror]

A Fray Bentos debacle
Christopher Spencer

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