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U.K. Court Rules That Vegetarians Are Not a Protected Class

A case of nasty workplace bullying spiralled into a philosophical quandary

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Vegetarians are not protected under equality law

An alleged case of workplace bullying got very philosophical very quickly, as a judge ruled that vegetarians cannot be protected under the 2010 Equality Act. George Conisbee told a court that colleagues had deliberately given him snacks that were not vegetarian, including “a croissant which had been basted in duck fat and pistachio sponge pudding which contained gelatine powder,” according to the Telegraph. Judge Robin Postle, however, ruled that the “lifestyle choice” of vegetarianism — and the multitude of reasons for its adoption as a diet — mean that it does not fit the necessary scope of “a substantial aspect of human life and behaviour.” Postle did argue, however, that a similar case involving veganism might possess the “cohesion” necessary for a ruling in favour of a defendant. It shouldn’t need saying, but this ruling does not mean that tricking vegetarians or vegans into eating meat is in any way okay. [Telegraph]

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