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High Street Fave Wagamama Launches Recipe Kits for the ‘I Could Do This at Home’ Crowd

Gousto will offer four Wagamama recipes as part of a six-month partnership

Wagamama ramen and noodles will be served Pret a Manger style in new grab-and-go stores Wagamama [Official Photo]

Wagamama would rather you cook at home, actually

Wildly popular Japanese-inspired restaurant chain Wagamama wants to give people the chance to give it money outside of restaurants. A new Wagamama recipe partnership with Gousto offers four of the chain’s dishes as meal kits: chilli chicken ramen; tonkatsu with sticky rice; yasai yaki udon; and a teriyaki chicken donburi bowl. It speaks to both Wagamama’s scale and popularity that it can move into the home recipe arena, even though recipes for this dishes — and an entire Wagamama cookbook from 2005, and a new one for this year — are already available. More interesting, perhaps, is its desire to bridge the impulses behind restaurant delivery and applying them to home cooking — convenience, fewer trips out, speed — and thereby, possibly, leading people to choose to stay at home. [Mirror]

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