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Japan’s Superior Kit Kat Culture Comes to the U.K. to Make Us Look Boring

The “Chocolatory” offers bespoke bars at £14.50 for eight fingers

KitKat bars in many colours in Ginza, Japan Tomohiro Ohsumi for Bloomberg/Getty Images

Good Kit Kats are for life, not just for Christmas, except here

Bespoke Kit Kats retailing at £14.50 for eight fingers are poised to arrive in stockings up and down the U.K., as a “chocolatory” that will borrow heavily from the bar’s superior presence, following, and flavours in Japan launches in time for Christmas. Would-be customisers will be able to choose from 1500 flavours, according to the Guardian, as well as special edition flavours that the paper dubs “surprising”: marmalade — the surprise of chocolate and orange — Earl Grey tea — the surprise of tea and biscuits — and whisky with ginger — fair enough. It’s a bold move from Nestlé, which cannot yet guarantee that its chocolate does not benefit from child labour in its supply chain.

The chocolatory is based on stores with the same name in Tokyo, where the Kit Kat “has levels” — flavour experimentation and cultural cachet built on and around the four-finger formula, unlike the U.K. and its willingness to stick with a bar developed in the 1930s and conclude, “yes, this is the zenith, it cannot be improved.” [Guardian]

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