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Outstanding Chinese Dumpling Stall Will Open Hand-Pulled Noodle Counter in East London

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Dumpling Shack owners are opening Fen Noodles in Spitalfields

Hand-pulled belt noodles at Fen Noodles, opening in Spitalfields by the owners of Dumpling Shack
Hand-pulled belt noodles at Fen Noodles, opening in Spitalfields
Fen Noodles [Official Photo]

Dumpling Shack, one of the best Chinese food stalls in London is expanding in Old Spitalfields Market, in east London. Owners John and Yee Li, with a new partner Nelson Chan, will open a hand-pulled noodle bar, called Fen Noodles, next-door to its current spot on Tuesday 1 October.

Dumpling Shack is known for serving some of the best dumplings — specifically some of, if not the, finest shengjianbao (soup dumplings) — in London. It began as a street food stall on Broadway Market in Hackney in 2014. It has been perhaps the most successful of a number of mixed experiences of traders in the Kitchens project in Old Spitalfields Market since 2017, almost always drawing a large queue and long wait.

“Fen Noodles showcases their love of hand pulled noodles,” a statement shared with Eater said. The menu, which looks to the Uighur region of Northern China, will include: spicy dry mixed lamb noodles, lamb noodle soup, big plate chicken, chicken dumplings in hot and sour soup, plus the vegan dry mix noodles and vegetarian dishes curry biang (fresh hand pulled noodles in a curry sauce with onions and potatoes) and garlic aubergine.

It will offer 50 percent off the first 188 portions on Tuesday.

Check back for more information soon.

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