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London’s Only Dedicated Crisps and Dips Restaurant Shuts Down in Soho

Hipchips lasted three years, which is a long time for a crisp restaurant

Hip Chips crisps have left Soho Hipchips [Official Photo]

Crisps and dips head for the exit door in Soho

Hipchips, the crisps and dips restaurant on Old Compton Street, closed at the weekend after three years slinging fried potatoes and things with fried potatoes in Soho. Known for serving “sweet” crisps with cinnamon sugar, a range of potatoes, and enduring a raft of closures around it with a stoicism as deep as its fryers, the restaurant will shut down after the company decided to focus on retail opportunities in supermarkets. A pop-up — which this should likely always have been — will roam the country in its stead. RIP. [Big Hospitality]

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