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Piers Morgan Thinks Gordon Ramsay’s ‘Inedible’ Vegan Food Is the Biggest Issue Facing Britain Right Now

The Good Morning Britain host attacked the chef for “inedible gruel” that he didn’t even eat

Gordon Ramsay - Book Launch Party
In happier times
Photo by Dave M. Benett/Getty Images

Large adult babies continue “feud” based on plants

Gordon Ramsay and Piers Morgan join Marco Pierre White in making a convincing case for their own irrelevance by jabbering about vegan food in the media. Morgan launched another bizarre attack on Ramsay on Good Morning Britain after the GQ awards, where Ramsay was doing the catering. While commending some beef wellington, Morgan then spoke over co-star Susannah Reid for the 745,985th time, saying:

My wife got given that even though she didn’t want it and both of them declared it one of the most disgusting things they’d ever eaten. So there’s veganism! There’s the future, no more beef wellington because Gordon’s now into vegan food, or pretending to be because it’s making him ‘kerching’.

The truth is that it was inedible, horrible gruel. Whereas I had a beautifully cooked beef wellington, which was delicious.

Precisely how there can be both no more beef wellington and beautifully cooked beef wellington in the same reality is unclear: Schrodinger’s welly joins his chaat. Morgan’s comments refer back to an apparently longstanding “feud” based on plants, Ramsay’s vegan Sunday roast, which he personally perceived as hypocritical for some, unknown reason. Ramsay’s response was “go f*** yourself,” because he is Gordon Ramsay.

There’s no telling where this will go, as it’s already beyond meat, but one thing is clear: no-one makes a better case for the irrelevance of Piers Morgan and Gordon Ramsay than they do.

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