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‘Punk’ Brewery Releases Anti-Establishment Beer After 12 Years of Trying

Brewdog’s ‘My Name Is (Unelected) Boris’ is the closest the brand has ever got to sticking it to the man

Brewdog’s anti-Boris Johnson beer, in front of a backdrop saying Parliament is closed Brewdog [Official Photo]

Brewdog makes another stand, and manages not to make it sexist

Congratulations and pints all round for Brewdog, which has managed to pull off a marketing stunt without incorporating casual sexism, casual sexism based on “beer porn,” or implicit, if perhaps mistaken endorsement of Donald Trump. Its new beer, My Name Is (Unelected Boris) — itself based on its craft beer trademark / IP lawsuit stand against Elvis Presley’s estate — reflects on how Boris Johnson is an unelected prime minister. There’s just one problem: he wants an election. Another misfire, but without a ton of adjacent unpleasantness, and some kudos should be afforded for finally making a beer in the name of protest after building a brand on the word “punk” for 12 years and counting. [I News]

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