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Snickers Gets Into the Brexit Mood With a Nostalgic 1980s Rebrand

For Mars, taking back control means bringing back the Marathon

The Marathon bar packaging, which was replaced by Snickers
Retro edition!
Mars [Official Photo]

The Marathon bar makes its grand return just in time to watch the U.K. burst into flames

Snickers will perform a retro rebrand from September 9, as Marathon bars make their grand return to U.K. chocolate discourse after 29 years in brand cryogenics. Puzzlingly, the bars will only be available in Morrisons, priced at £1.00 for a pack of four. The bar joins the limited, but grand pantheon of Tactical U.K. Sweet Pivots, alongside the brief, glorious moment in 2008 when Mars realised Opal Fruits was a much, much better name than Bradley Cooper blockbuster-bothering Starburst (2020), but lacked the bravery to reintroduce it for good. As with all limited retro editions, the MARATHON RETRO EDITION BY SNICKERS is expected to retail at online auction houses for vastly inflated prices; prompt a series of cross-processed Instagrams, and, in this case, foretell the death of politics as the country knows it. For the Marathon, in all its nostalgic glory, will run for 12 weeks, past the current Brexit finish line of October 31. [Metro]

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