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McDonald’s Ruins Pub Quizmaster’s Day by Confirming Opening in Rutland

The last county in the U.K. to not have a McDonald’s has fallen

McDonald’s Rutland is happening Getty Images / McDonald’s

The double cheeseburger makes its final conquest

McDonald’s will open a restaurant in Rutland, breaking the resistance of the last county to avoid the charms / corporate pressure of the burger giant. Councillors agreed to the opening on Tuesday, according to the BBC, after 23 representations of support and 55 objections to the plans. The background to the decision has been dominated by residents who think McDonald’s is the arbiter of social denigration, complaining that it will bring “riff-raff” and fears over “the type of people” it will bring between visits to the dog whistle store.

That’s one less pub quiz question for Friday night, then. [BBC]

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