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Gordon Ramsay Could Roll Out His Formerly ‘Authentic’ Asian Eating House Lucky Cat

The shouty chef wants to replicate his megabucks American expansion deal over here

Gordon Ramsay’s Lucky Cat gets two more bad restaurant reviews Gordon Ramsay [Official Photo]

Gordon Ramsay wants more from his worst-received London restaurant

In November 2018, Gordon Ramsay was in talks to open 100 restaurants in America. In June 2019, Gordon Ramsay received funding to open 100 restaurants in America from private equity group Lion Capital. In January 2020, Gordon Ramsay is planning to roll out restaurants in the U.K., and his former “authentic Asian eating house” Lucky Cat in Mayfair — now a “vibrant Asian eating house”; still called Lucky Cat — could be first up. Propel reports that Ramsay is close to developing a similar equity deal for his home country, with Lucky Cat top of the list for duplication. He’s already announced plans to open the restaurant in Las Vegas, and might be buoyed by the success of Richard Caring’s Ivy Asia in Manchester and London as a marker for diners’ appetite for more rich, white, male restaurateurs razing the cultural specificities of the largest continent in the world.

Ramsay has form — he earmarked Lucky Cat’s once Michelin-starred predecessor Maze for a roll-out in 2015 — and his brand, at large, appears undimmed. But does the world really need another Lucky Cat? Probably not.

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