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Pret a Manger Forgets It’s 2020 and Puts ‘Buddha Bowls’ on Vegan Menu

The maroon sandwich juggernaut really could have given them another name

Pret a Manger’s vegan menu now includes these Buddha bowls and poke Pret a Manger [Official Photo]

Just call it something else!

Pret a Manger, the reliable, normcore, jambon beurre-toting lunchtime staple, has fallen like so many fast casual chains before it, succumbing to the pressure of naming one of its dishes in a way that unnecessarily flattens a culture. A new dish on its vegan menu — which now includes watermelon-tuna poke and smoothie bowls, and will be available in London and Manchester branches — features “brown rice with dressed kale and a dollop of Pret’s humous, mixed with roasted sweet potatoes, chipotle chilli sauce, avocado, almonds, and smoky carrot ribbons.” It’s called: humous, sweet potato & kale Buddha bowl, and has a base of brown rice. It is, and could be called a rice bowl, which still sounds pretty appealing and doesn’t invoke lazy ~mysticism~ in the service of selling lunch.

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  • Good tweet:

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