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Glasgow Restaurateur Nico Simeone Brings Themed Tasting Menu Empire to London

Six by Nico will open in Fitzrovia, taking over from Zizzi

New York tasting menu food at Six by Nico Six by Nico [Official Photo]

Gimmickry but make it thoughtful

Prolific restaurateur Nico Simeone will bring his six-course tasting menu restaurant empire, Six by Nico, to London. The chef’s debut in the capital will open on Charlotte Street in Fitzrovia, according to Big Hospitality, offering the same six week rotations of six dish menus, priced at around £33 - £35; a smidge more expensive than in Glasgow, Belfast, Liverpool, and Manchester, but still leaving questions around margins. New York City; Thai street food; the chip shop; and childhood have all inspired previous menus, striking a balance somewhere between peripatetic and “whatever we feel like,” with Simeone’s intense expansion push unlikely to slow down on its arrival in a city which remains a restaurant investment shop window.

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