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Adored Bagel Slinger Beigel Bake Will Now Put Its Creations on Wheels

The iconic Brick Lane beigel shop now has a delivery app and an Instagram account

London’s best bagels include salt beef at Beigel Bake Rachel/Flickr

Beigels, but make them mobile

Iconic Brick Lane bagel shop Beigel Bake is leaning into the digital world, announcing both a delivery app and an Instagram account on the same day. The essence of the shop, however, is getting silently destroyed by the staff while waiting for something hot, perhaps stuffed with salt beef, so orderers we warned: It’s not quite the same. That might not matter when the bagel’s siren call strikes on a cold wet day.

And in other news...

Beigel Bake

159 Brick Lane, , England E1 6SB 020 7729 0616


20 International Way, , England E20 1FD 020 3973 0545 Visit Website