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One of London’s Best Vegetarian Restaurants Will Double Up in Shoreditch

Oliveira Organic Vegetarian Kitchen will add to its East Sheen restaurant, run by Brazilian-Italian chef Emerson Amélio de Oliveira

London’s best vegetarian restaurants include Oliveira in Richmond Sejal Sukhadwala

An organic vegetarian kitchen renowned for its creative, genuinely inventive menu will add to its East Sheen restaurant with a new site in Shoreditch. Oliveira, which is run by Brazilian-Italian chef Emerson Amélio de Oliveira and is also one of the best vegetarian restaurants in London, will open at 80 — 84 Paul Street, with the restaurant currently under construction.

Writing on Oliveira in her guide to the city’s best vegetarian restaurants, Sejal Sukhadwala said:

The first thing to be said about this homely, two-room East Sheen venue is that, although it is vegetarian, it uses some cheeses with animal rennet, including Parmesan — chef-proprietor Emerson Amélio de Oliveira strongly believes these have a superior flavour. That said, the eco-friendly venue, with sustainability at its heart, has by far the most inventive vegetarian menu in London. Oliveira comes from a Brazilian-Italian background; and this is reflected in dishes such as hand-made pastas and risottos, alongside the use of Amazonian fruit and veg. There are plenty of dishes with breadfruit and jackfruit sourced from Tooting market; and speciality items such as dende oil, phytoplankton, and vegan faux gras. Some of the over-ambitious dishes don’t quite come off, but ‘nduja sausage’ made from jackfruit seeds and flesh, cassava, and smoked paprika impresses with its subtle spiciness; and a trio of Amazonian fruit sorbets made from açai, cupuaçu and pitaya taste like frozen nail polish — in the nicest possible way. A new site in Shoreditch is coming soon.

While this particular part of Shoreditch may be low on weekend footfall — with Oliveira’s East Sheen location an all-day space — the chef will be hoping to establish at as a destination in the same way as the original.

More soon on the opening date.


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