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Buzzy NYC Ode to French Bistro Culture Buvette Will Arrive in Notting Hill

Chef Jody Williams’ restaurant, now also in Paris and Tokyo, will open on Blenheim Crescent this year

The exterior of Buvette NYC, with a bike parked outside and warm light in the windows
Buvette NYC, the original ode to Parisian bistro culture from Jody Williams
Buvette [Official Photo]

Buvette, the West Village ode to French bistro culture from chef Jody Williams, will open in Notting Hill. Williams, who is a partner on buzzy, critically acclaimed New York City restaurant Via Carota with her partner, Rita Sodi of the equally buzzy and critically acclaimed I Sodi, will open the fourth iteration of Buvette at 9 Blenheim Crescent, according to Propel. Buvette’s website lists Notting Hill among its locations and marks it “Est. 2020.”

The original opened in New York City in 2011, ordinarily open all day with menus that revolve around a sort of charming, pastel vision of French food culture given an edge by intense richness and a concession in to sharing plate sensibilities. The menus are monogrammed with pastoral symbols and each dish is given its French name, but the wine list is overwhelmingly natural and there’s jazzy avocado toast at brunch.

Between 2011 and 2020 Williams and Sodi have become best known for Via Carota, near-unilaterally raved about for what former Eater critic Bill Addison called “a kind of no-nonsense balm.” Buvette, already in the Paris from which it derives so much and Tokyo, is the export brand, and appears ideally placed to capture an affluent neighbourhood’s need to be transported.

More soon.