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Swish Locavore Tasting Menu Restaurant Roganic Says Goodbye to Marylebone

Roganic will not reopen on Blandford Street, having returned to the capital in 2018

A sauce being poured over a bowl at Roganic in Marylebone
Finishing touches
Roganic [Official Photo]

Simon Rogan’s Michelin-starred tasting menu restaurant, Roganic, will not reopen at its current location on Blandford Street in Marylebone. Rogan, who brought the restaurant back to the capital in 2018, says that this is not a closure, but a relocation, with discussions to move the restaurant ongoing since 2019. There is currently no new site on the horizon, according to the Caterer.

Roganic earned a Michelin star at the first time of asking in 2018, revisiting the food that leaned on then genuinely unfamiliar foraging and “locavore” ideas when it first opened in 2011. Then, as Rogan acknowledged upon bringing the restaurant back, that was genuinely “out there” for London. Five years after closure in 2013, with his Cartmel restaurant L’Enclume famous and an inheritance of cooks from his pop-up making their mark at restaurants across London, familiarity became more of a draw than novelty for Roganic 2.0. Rogan told Eater that customers would remember Roganic’s first iteration, and have no idea at all about Fera, the Claridge’s restaurant that he took over, and left, in the interim.

Aulis, the eight-seater, £250 per person tasting menu counter that became a six-seater, £195 per person tasting counter under novel coronavirus regulations, will remain operational. More soon on Roganic’s planned relocation.