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KFC Pulls ‘Fingerlickin’ Good’ Adverts During Coronavirus Outbreak

It’s both an obvious response and a strange side-effect of magnified attention to public hygiene

A still from KFC’s fingerlickin’ good chicken campaign showing a white male licking his fingers
Wash your hands buddy

Pandemics really do change everything

Novel coronavirus’ impact on London restaurants — and the U.K. as a whole — is likely to be contained by social distancing, restaurant closures, and washing your hands. COVID-19 has spawned many memes based on NHS handwashing guidelines: choruses of songs; iconic Come Dine With Me moments; all in the service of raising awareness. A less-expected side effect, however, is its impact on food advertising. KFC has pulled a “fingerlickin’ good” chicken campaign based on people licking their fingers while eating on hygiene grounds — right now, licking fingers while sharing food is about the worst idea possible.

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