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London’s Oldest Food Market Transforms Into Delivery Hub During Coronavirus

Going to Borough market, in a time of social distancing

Borough Market
Borough Market in February
Photo by John Keeble/Getty Images

Borough Market has opened up its delivery radius to 10 miles, with a view to serving all postcodes within the M25, as it looks to support itself and its producers through the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and its deleterious impact on London restaurants.

It’s an extension of the local delivery service that launched alongside Borough Market Kitchen in winter 2019, though the market’s regulations do not allow restaurants to deliver. As supermarket panic buying continues, the hope is that both producers and the public can benefit from such a service: the former receiving income lost from severe downturn in footfall, and the latter able to buy produce and dry goods from businesses that will not survive without continued custom.

The market remains open with social distancing measures in place, as more wholesalers and suppliers — themselves with revenue streams wiped out overnight — seek to use delivery to create cashflow. Natoora, Entremetier, and among them.

Managing director Darren Henaghan said: “Our community is large and diverse, and our responsibilities to it go beyond the sale of food. We will use the online sphere to stay close to those who need comradeship or distraction—that’s why we’re using our resources, working with fantastic chefs, traders and producers to create a digital community which will support people stuck at home and give them a sense of connection through food.”

More soon as the radius expands.

Borough Market

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