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KFC, Burger King, and Pret Reopen ‘to Support NHS’ During Coronavirus Outbreak

The chains all say the move is designed to support NHS workers

A Pret a Manger, reopening 10 stores during coronavirus outbreak Linnea Rheborg/Getty Images

Three of the largest restaurant chains to shut down during the novel coronavirus outbreak are reopening some sites for takeaway and delivery, in a bid they all say is designed to support NHS staff.

KFC, Burger King, and Pret a Manger will reopen 25 restaurants across the country between them. Pret is reopening 10 stores near London hospitals, while KFC is reopening 11 restaurants for delivery across the U.K. and Burger King is reopening four.

All three groups told the BBC that they had donated thousands of meals to charities and NHS initiatives in the interim, and would continue to do so; all three cited increased, but not specific, cleaning and sanitation activities being introduced as safeguards.

Pret later told Eater that the shops are being staffed by team members who “volunteered” to help, with all staff receiving full pay to the end of April regardless of whether they were now working or not. It also clarified its safety measures, which include task designations for individual staff to minimise cross-contact, and perspex screens between customers and staff.

Eater has asked KFC and Burger King to confirm their safety measures, its sick leave policies for both company-owned and franchise employees, and that staff who decline work for safety reasons will be able to remain under furlough.

More soon.