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Public Sector Caterers Serving a Quarter of the U.K. Will Reduce Meat by 20 Percent

The school, hospital, and care home groups want to take 9 million kilograms of meat out of the food chain

School dinners at a U.K. school, which could be affected by a no deal Brexit Photo by: Photofusion/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

Public sector caterers vow to reduce meat consumption

A group of caterers serving U.K. schools, hospitals, universities, and care homes billions of meals per year has devised a pledge to reduce their collective meat consumption by 20 percent. If achieved, it would take 9 million kilograms of meat out of the U.K.’s food chain annually, according to the Guardian.

The figure follows a Committee on Climate Change (CCC) report from January, which cited the 20 percent figure specifically for red meat consumption; the public sector caterers’ pledge goes beyond this stipulation. The move is just one cog in the dismantling of a food system overly reliant on intensively farmed meat produced by insecure workers, and what replaces the meat and how those things are produced will be critical to the initiative’s actual sustainability — which must go beyond simply swapping one thing for another. [Guardian]

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