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In the Middle of a Pandemic, KFC Is Still Trying to Go Viral

Rating home-fried chicken is kind of fun but entirely thirsty

KFC sent out material after DHL lost its chicken
A KFC message from simpler times

KFC won’t give up its online bullshit for a pandemic

With its restaurants closed and its workers implore it to make up the 20 percent of wages they will lose to the government’s coronavirus furlough scheme over fear that they will not have enough money to live, KFC is ... Continuing to act the fool online.

It is yet to make a statement on how it is applying the government’s policy, and yet to communicate how its position on providing sick pay for employees at company-owned restaurants will interact with franchises, which make up 95 percent of its U.K. estate, but it is posting ~savage~ reviews of home fried chicken. Some of them are pretty funny. One of them cites Nando’s. So, if you want to spend a small part of your life being virtually roasted, send some in, wait for the fateful @ mention on Twitter, and bask in the knowledge that food brands’ deranged, relentless thirst for your attention does not stop for global emergencies.

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