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London’s Oldest Food Market Invites the City to Buy Its Produce, and Scram

Borough Market has also introduced a postal service for its traders for the first time

Borough Market’s lockdown measures include home food delivery Claire Doherty/In Pictures via Getty Images

London’s oldest food market lays down the law

Borough Market has expanded its London delivery service, adding a select roster of traders to a nationwide mail delivery operation focussing on charcuterie, cheese, and dry goods. It also wants Londoners to keep coming to the market, but without overstaying their welcome: “Come, shop, leave.” Succinct.

A previous expansion aimed to cover all addresses within the M25, but demand and infrastructure limitations have led to a two tier approach with home delivery from all traders is available within seven miles. with the hope that both producers and the public can benefit from such a service. The former receiving income lost from severe downturn in footfall, and the latter able to buy produce and dry goods from businesses that will not survive without continued custom.

The market’s status and attendant popularity prior to COVID-19 had led to some fears that it was being pulled away from the community of traders that laid its roots and turned into a culinary tourist attraction. The pandemic has shown how those roots are what make it such an incredible resource. Whether this hugely expanded reach persists or not, it may ironically act as a reminder of what London could stand to lose without the location that serves it.

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