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No Deal Brexit Would Make Food More Expensive From 1 January

Retailers warn that EU tariffs will squeeze supermarkets

A U.K. supermarket, which could be hit by no-deal Brexit food price rises
U.K. supermarkets dealt with huge demand in the early stages of novel coronavirus lockdown
Ollie Millington/Getty Images

No-deal Brexit is bad for food prices, actually

British retailers are warning that food prices will rise in the U.K. from 1 January 2021 in the event of a no-deal Brexit, according to the Independent. Citing minced beef, oranges, cheese, and cucumbers — the final boss level of Ready, Steady, Cook? — the British Retail Consortium (BRC) said it was “folly” that any trade deals with countries outside the European Union would compensate for tariffs levied on food and other consumer goods. Supermarkets might be pledging not to stock U.S. meat that doesn’t meet U.K. food standards, but that’s small potatoes compared to sweeping food price rises in an economy [hopefully] coming out of a novel coronavirus pandemic in 2021. [Independent]

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