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Masterchef Goes Vintage on Netflix

Six seasons of John, Gregg, Marcus, and Monica at their... Something

John Torode Book Launch - London Photo by Anthony Devlin - PA Images/PA Images via Getty Images

Gregg Wallace quietly sneaks on to Netflix

Since the start of July, Masterchef — currently doing its celebrity rounds on BBC One — has been hanging out on Netflix, with two seasons of the original, Masterchef: The Professionals, and Celebrity Masterchef available. The question therefore: which one to watch?

The original probably has the most to recommend it all round; the celebrity version dispenses with some of the seriousness. But in terms of maybe learning something and getting a front-row seat on what pressure can do to chefs, the skills tests in Masterchef: The Professionals can’t be beaten, especially for Gregg Wallace’s asides. It’s also refreshing to see Torode be a bit more contextual and passionate in his judging, something which has faded in recent seasons in favour of broad-stroke-good-bad commentary.

And in other news...

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